The Florida Music Awards Hall of Fame Voting Process

Our Florida Music Awards Hall of Fame Inductees

The mission of The Florida Music Awards Hall of Fame and Annual Awards is to recognize the most creative and substantive artists and industry personnel, alongside significant music achievements of yesterday and today from the states music composers, songwriters, producers, engineers, radio personalities... and to place all in the history annals for posterity and encyclopedic reference. Moreover, recognizing and honoring the deserving talent! That's what its all about.   I don’t know of any field that has more spirited passion that motivates great works than the music business. No industry like the arts has so many talented individuals that place importance of their creative work over higher monetary opportunities,” said show Founder and Chairman Wayne Koss. The show schedule has a strong emphasis on music performances with brief award presentations and video reels. Another feature of the show will be the unique collaborations taking place among artists. Several celebrities and music industry personalities will present awards with special hosts.

 The Florida Music Awards Hall of Fame - Lifetime Achievement Awards forth-coming Recipients 

Artists among Hall of Fame inductees chosen to be honored this coming year are all among the most deserving... 

“The Hall of Fame – Lifetime Achievement artist being present is a key focus. Therefore those selected are all among the top artists chosen yet not necessarily in order of the most votes.    
  Artist’s tour issues is the biggest challenge with several of Florida’s top artists touring across the country and worldwide these days among recording sessions. Please note selected artists and/or representatives have been informed of their nominations and have been provided the opportunity to participate this forthcoming year or if the choose to wait a subsequent year and be present to accommodate their fans and family.  
  We strongly believe it is best for the artists and fans to celebrate with their direct presence with others. Subsequently, artists chosen have the opportunity to be honored a following year as noted--It makes a better show and gathering for all!    
  Each year of the Florida Music Awards Hall of fame lays a stronger foundation for thousands of aspiring musicians, alongside seasoned devoted artists and music industry personnel from the state of Florida that are provided a substantial benchmark and so much more at every scale from Florida’s music legends being inducted.  
  Artists and music industry personnel receiving Hall of Fame – Lifetime Achievement Awards and nominations were meticulously gathered from Florida entertainment industry personnel voting of industry leaders in club promoters, booking agent’s producers, engineers and artists, radio personnel over the recent past and ongoing. 

Voting was never so much Fun!

Desmond Child


Desmond Child with the Florida Music Awards Ballot

Rudy Perez


Rudy Perez with the Florida Music Awards Ballot 

Yanni & FMA Chairman Wayne Koss


Yanni with the Florida Music Awards Ballot


Dr. Ed Calle Florida Music Awards Hall of Fame 2019 Inductee


Hi Wayne: I just read the beautiful letter. I am truly honored and absolutely humbled. Count me to help and perform as needed. I'm always at your service!
 Thia announcement is a lifetime highlight for our family, community, and myself. As you tirelessly and beautifully celebrate and remind us South Florida is home to some of the greatest musical contributors in the history of American Music. I am humbled and honored to be among such an elite list that includes heroes and giants with whom I have worked and learned. As I sit here completely overwhelmed and with my saxophone in my lap, rest assured that I will only stop trying to live up to this honor and making positive contributions to our community and music when my days on earth come to an end. Until then, there is much work to do. Thank you.
 Most thankful; and overwhelmed,

 2015 Latin Grammy® Award Winner for Best Instrumental Album
Five-time Grammy® nominee

2015 Best Professor - Miami Dade College
2015 Miami-Dade County Mayor’s Medal recipient
Tenured Full Professor of Music Business and Production - Miami Dade College

2014 United Teachers of Dade Champion of Education - Entertainment and the Arts

2013 King of Carnival Miami