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The Florida Music Awards - Burt Reynolds Humanitarian Award

Once one has been blessed with the momentary goods this life has to offer it’s often an inner call to action for many that are moved in spirit to help others. They became purveyors of helping others, Some go way beyond in the ‘The Art of helping others,’ Burt Reynolds did just that and personified this phase in his dramatic life. 

Burt Reynolds was the first recipient of the the Florida Music Awards Humanitarian Award in 2017. Florida Music Awards Hall of Fame Founder and Chairman Wayne Koss announced that the award would carry Mr. Reynolds name much to his delight and the audience that rose to give the legend a standing ovation. Lee Tiger started singing the Beatles ‘All You Need Is Love,” and this side of the world stopped for a moment and celebrated the joy of harmony that moments like this share. 

“We are excited and proud that this award incorporates and exemplifies the great Mr. Reynolds. He provides a benchmark of great character, significant achievements, alongside the passionate sincere art of giving to others,” Koss added. 

It will surely be a great honor to all future recipients to be recognized with of this award that bares the reverence of Mr. Reynolds philanthropy. We had expected him to be with the first honorees as discussed, yet unfortunately he has left us and its now time for others to carry on the good deeds for our community.

Several of our Florida industry insiders have helped us narrow down this coming year’s first honoree of the Florida Music Awards Burt Reynolds Humanitarian Award. 

Below you have the opportunity to make a difference by voting.

We will be announcing the recipient(s) January 04, 2019


Burt Reynolds @ the Florida Music Awards Kickoff Party '17

Here is the long version VIDEO of the legendary Burt Reynolds Press Interview @ the 2017 Florida Music Awards Hall of Fame Kick Off Party with Bertie Higgins, Rick Derringer, among others.     

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