Some Great Points At and About The FMA's

Points of View Making News at the FMA's

Burt Reynolds Speaks at The Florida Music Awards Kick off 2017...

Burt Reynolds honors Bertie Higgins at FMA kickoff party in Fort Lauderdale 

By Peter Burke - ABC Managing Editor 

Burt Reynolds blames governor for Florida's floundering film industry:

What did Burt Reynolds say Gov. Rick Scott was “dumber” than?

Larry Aydlette  Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Burt Reynolds Torches ‘Dumb’ Fla. Governor Rick Scott: ‘How Did You Get To Be Governor?’

by Lance Perriman:

Burt Reynolds blames Gov. Rick Scott for Florida's dying film industry - Orlando Weekly By Deanna Ferrante

FMA's BACKSTAGE PASS: Burt Reynolds, Bertie Higgins, Rick Derringer, Lee Tiger:

Florida Music Awards Hall of Fame Inductees: Ray Charles, Bo Diddley, Rick Derringer, Bertie Higgins. 

Dana Paul (FMA Hall of Fame Regional artists) 

FMA Humanitarian Award Recipient: Burt Reynolds  

Some Great Points About The Florida Music Awards®

The Florida Music Awards encompasses thousands of the state’s finest musicians and industry personnel while creating harmony in the industry.

The Florida Music Awards raises the bar and stimulates aspiring artists while providing a benchmark for future generations of artists… recognizing artists, DJs/Broadcast personalities and personnel in the entertainment field of one of the most prolific states in the global music scene.

A highly substantial and valuable event for the entertainment industry to gather and interact, conduct business and look forward to annually.

Once in a lifetime music artists collaborations and interaction provides a once in a lifetime moments for all.

The event provides Cover Story’s for major publications alongside being Major Broadcast feature’s etc… throughout the U.S. and globally.

A most important recognition and major media blitz operation for the Florida music industry personnel top achievers of today and yesterday.

The Florida Music Awards provides major tourism support and vast attention to the Florida lifestyle and entertainment scene here in Florida, USA.

A foremost captivating and entertaining celebration for the public and media alike.

A great opportunity for artists to promote their music, videos, books, etc… to major media and fans…

A high quality broadcast video production of the event will be made to capture the moment in time – providing a significant sound and vision capsule for those in and not in attendance and for those living in a different time frame to enjoy.

An economic, educational and cultural benefit of for the people and state.

Relic museums are fine–yet capturing the true artist in motion in real time and space is the true essence of the artists! 

Don Felder (Eagles Guitarists) Talks about his Florida Roots - Giving Guitar Lesson to Tom Petty...

With Florida Music Awards Chairman Wayne Koss

Don Felder, renown guitarist of the Eagles and co-writer of their biggest hit 'Hotel California' talks about growing up in Gainsville, Florida with schoolmates, Stephen Stills, Bernie Leadon also of the Eagles and Tom Petty who he gave guitar lessons.