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The Florida entertainment industry Comes Together to celebrate special achievements, great music and having fun...  

@ The Mizner Park Amphitheater | Boca Raton    

A Show for the Ages...  April 15, 2018  |  Show starts @ 2pm 


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Creed: 2018 Florida Music Awards Hall of Fame Inductees

Jaco Pastorius: 2018 Florida Music Awards Hall of Fame Inductee

Dr. Ed Calle: 2018 Florida Music Awards Hall of Fame Inductees 

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Peter Graves: 2018 Florida Music Awards Hall of Fame Inductee

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NEWS UPDATES: Florida Music Awards Hall of Fame Concert 18

The 2018 Florida Music Awards Hall of Fame Concerts featuring several of Florida's most esteemed entertainers will be held Sunday April 15, 2pm 

@ the Mizner Park Amphitheater of Boca Raton

Show & Schedule Announcement Feb. 26th

The Florida Music Awards Hall of Fame: VOTING PROCESS

Wayne Koss and Yanni

Artists and music industry personnel receiving award nominations and subsequently awards were meticulously gathered from internet balloting to Florida entertainment industry club promoters and bookers, agent’s producers, engineers, musicians, radio personnel with an equal proportion of ballots in each area of the state in effort to provide fairness.

The voting ballots host national and local artists that divide nationwide prominence artists a separate category than club acts that are on local regions within the state. This provides local scene acts an opportunity to share in the awards that don’t have the broad notoriety yet are equally talented.

The selected recipients this year are among the top in voting yet not necessarily in order of the highest number of votes. Due to major Florida artists tour routing across the globe and their recording schedules we will be honoring the artists and personnel whose schedule permits them to be present this year and participate. Therefore, other artists chosen to be honored for a Hall of Fame – Lifetime Achievement Award can be honored next year or a following year.

This provides the artists, the Florida entertainment industry, fans and media to participate in honoring the chosen alongside capturing the moments on video for now and future generations of fans. The video will contain live performances from the event along with interviews and extra footage related to the awards recipients. The Florida Music Awards Hall of Fame concept is built around creating video for major broadcast and DVD that will chronical and represent the states significant artist other than having a brick in mortal building displaying their instruments or belongings.

We have expended multiple years of organizing artists, management and industry personnel on presenting this showcase the best way possible.

Each year we lay a stronger cornerstone where thousands of aspiring musicians, alongside seasoned devoted artists and music industry personnel from the state of Florida will be provided a substantial benchmark for industry honors and achievements. estions, so everybody benefits.

A Note from the FMA Chairman

Wayne Koss with the Bee Gees

Bee Gees; Robin, Maurice and Barry Gibb with Florida Music Awards Chairman Wayne Koss

Our objectives of being in our chosen field of arts reflect venerated reasons why we are steadfast in our pursuits in this industry. In view of the fact that it’s a road best known for hardships–we venture with a spirited passion that motivates our works. Sometimes the driving ethos is inexplicable. No industry like the arts has so many talented individuals that place importance of their work over higher monetary opportunities. 

Success is measured in many ways. Yet, an exceptional talent in the music business is no fluke or roll of the dice. It’s earned by long hours of dedication to the craft. That is the high note that should eventually lead to a sustainable future in the industry of choice–or at least a worthy note of recognition. Our extended mission is to lend a helping hand in facilitating this and provide them the opportunity to take a grand spotlight to observe their measure of musical brilliance that they have created for their community of arts and enjoyment for all that have ears. By nurturing these noble efforts we truly make a better community for all."
Wayne Koss - Chairman of The Florida Music Awards 

“Without helping to nurture and recognize true talent, the vast majority of quality musicians often give up their craft.

It’s sad, it happens everywhere–shows like this help provide a platform to aspire too while providing important recognition that helps sustain a creative energy flow. - Wayne Koss

Florida Music Awards News Coverage 2017

 ABC 10 NEWS  FEATURE - Florida Music Awards Hall of Fame 2017 Kick Off

with Burt Reynolds... 

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"Immensely honored to be included in this Hall of Fame entourage" - Dana Paul  2017 Florida Music Awards Hall of Fame Inductee

"Truly honored and thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful effort. Thank you for what you are doing. Amazing" 

- Dr. Ed Calle

Dr. Ed Calle is a Latin Grammy® Award winner for Best Instrumental Album (2015) with Dr. Ed Calle Presents Mamblue and a five-time Grammy® nominee.


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